Partner Program

Why become our partner?


Text To Speech (TTS) as well as Authomatic Voice Recognition (ASR) technologies have improved a lot in the last few years and are becoming more and more part of our everyday lives, since Natural User Interfaces (NUI) will become widely common in the next decade.

So why not taking advantage of this trend without the hurdless of technical aspects?

Becoming our parter will put you at the forefront of this trends in the eyes of your customers and you will be notified when we will introduce new services.

You will not need to become an expert yourself, as you will be free to focus only on what you do best: selling your product and services.

Partner Program

Promote Tingwo Text To Speech!

If you own a heavily trafficked website and would like to advertise Tingwo Text To Speech solutions on your site, you can apply to become a Tingwo Affiliate Partner.

  • Affiliates earn up to 20% of sales.
  • There's no limit to the amount of referral fees you can earn! 

You will receive a commission for each referral sale we close, as well as a portion of the ongoing monthly fees.

Becoming an Affiliate Partner is very easy. With our Affiliate program you will increase your earnings without any effort. Just put banners on your site with quality traffic and wait!

Sell Tingwo Web Voice!

As a Web Designer/Agency, Graphic Designer or IT-related provider, you may wish to sell our Web Voice service to your customers, qualifying to become a Tingwo Reseller.

  • Cross sell to your customer base
  • Increase the value of your offer for new customers
  • Choose between commission or discount model 

You know your customers! Who better than you can reach out them with a cross selling opportunity?
Get in touch today to discuss the model that best applies to you!

OEM / ISP Partners

As a VAR (Value Added Reseller), System Integrator or Internet Service Provider, you can integrate Tingwo services with your own products!

We can customize our advanced Text to Speech services and develop all the required funcionalities to suit your specific requirements.

Our sales engineers will be glad to discuss them in details with you and prepare a personalized offer and implementation plan.