Every smartphone is an audio guide

Every smartphone is an audio guide

At the service of art

We provide you technologies which can be extremely useful in the world of museums and, not only: for archeological parks, next to monuments and open air works of art and, in general, in all important places which have a story to tell. Using the Web Voice service for automatic conversion of text to audio, integrating technology such as the QR code and developing optimized micro-sites for mobile devices, we give you the possibility to create the function of an audioguide, where every smartphone becomes the audio terminal.

Multilingual, easy and economical

Obviously, everything is multilingual (we have 18 languages, some with different voices!) and the possibility to update the content in real time without needing to re-enter the code, which, once entered, will stay permanently linked to the relative work of art or place. The services are provided by our server, without you having to worry about anything more than generating or updating text content to be converted, which are most probably already available. Certainly an audioguide from professional actors would be of the highest quality, but the cost is notable and if you need to make changes, it will need to be recorded all over again. We will be immediately informed if you change even a comma in the text and whoever listens next will receive audio of the modified text straight away. In this way, we minimise the costs. Not bad at a time when public spending must be cut but not services!

Immersive Experiences

Listening to an audio description is, without doubt, a more engaging experience, compared to simply reading few notes on a sign or reading an information sheet on the screen of a smartphone. The audio description can be enjoyed at the same time as looking, creating a multimedial and multisensoral experience which not even a video can offer, forcing the enjoyment in two separate moments. If, then, one wants to provide these in-depth supports, like a video, for example, which incorporates the restoration of the work of art, or excavations, this could all be done on a dedicated micro-site or an app, based on the available budget, which involves two stages: audioguide for real time enjoyment and various types of support for the in-depth analysis both before and after the visit.

The possibilities of personalisation are infinite and we will be keen to study them with you!
But now we let our voices speak in the examples given below:


Codice qr Arena di Verona

Verona Theatre: an example of an audio description with incentives for registration


  Codice QR Mostra Expo 2015

Exhibition Expo 2015: example of audioguide linked to an exhibition route