Expand the limits of your advertising message

Expand the limits of your advertising message

Images or information? Why limit yourself?

The combination of the evocative message given by images with the information of text is often extremely difficult in a static campaign such as those on print or for out-of-home advertising.
The use of QR codes is a good solution. Despite their potential, they are generally used in an uncreative way, i.e. as mere substitutes for links to take you to the home page of a site. All too often, however, these sites are not optimized for use on mobile devices and this type of experience leaves the consumer diappointed, finding it easier to do their own web search.

Set yourself apart from the competition!

Surprise everyone by enriching static media with an easily-managed dynamic element at a reasonable price, making the content of your landing pages more interesting and engaging and also making them more suitable to a device which is mostly used in its native mode - audio- to listen to music and make calls.
Create situations that, other than inform, offer a real value (informational, monetary, entertainment etc.) such as coupons, discounts, treasure hunts, collecting points, promotions, to create loyalty or generate new leads.
Constructing a more enjoyable interaction, the memory will persist even after the user's experience, enticing them to share it on social networks and allowing them to reinforce their brand loyalty, as well as contributing positively to your brand reputation.

Optimise your advertising campaigns for smartphones

It’s amazing to see how many forget that the landing page of a QR code, and in general of a mobile marketing campaign, will be seen from a smartphone and then take visitors to a site which is designed for desktop browsing. Even if your main site is not optimized for mobile use, it is essential that at least the campaign landing pages, or the ones which the QR code leads to, be smartphone friendly.
A personalised micro-site, a mobile landing page optimized with all essential elements and information, in relation to the objectives of each campaign, is a powerful mobile marketing tool and is the only way to maximize conversions. In this context, audio becomes the key element of this optimization, because of the precise nature of thie device, allowing you to maintain compact pages with a clear call-to-action that you would like, while providing all the necessary information.

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