Web Voice Plans & Pricing - Text to Speech TTS for the web

15 days free trial for all plans!

Simply choose the plan that best suits your needs and provide the information required.
For Starter, Professional and Enterprise plans we do not even require a credit card.
All plans allow you to fully control what is read on static and dynamic websites,
you can read multiple text areas and pdf files, with dedicated "play" buttons,
you can skip part of text and read out loud text hidden from view.

Web Voice Plans & Pricing - Text to Speech TTS for the web

Most required!


Blogs and
Personal Pages



Static Sites
Small Pages


Multilanguage and
Dynamic Sites


Media Corp. and
Large Readers Base

  • Hours of speech included
  • Option to use user's default player
  • Option to download mp3
  • Player opens in pop-up window
  • Player opens in the same page
  • Player enbedded in the content page
  • Automatic language detection option
  • Pronounciation correction service
  • Usage statistics
  • White label
  • Web and email support
  • Phone support
  • Languages
  • Voices
  • Domains
  • Price




What are "hours of speech"?

"Hours of speech" are the audio hours that are generated whenever a user clicks on the "Audio" button of our tool.

What happens if the monthly hour limit is exceeded?

Don't worry, you will be able to buy one of our convenient extra hours packages. In the meantime we won't stop the service, and your users will continue benefitting from it. 

How long will I have to wait, before my account is activated?

For the Personal plan, activation occurs immediately after subscription. For all other plans activation will follow within 24 hours.

Are there any set up costs?

No, we don't charge you for any set up costs if you subscribe for one of the existing plans.

Can I change the type of subscription (for example from Personal to Professional)?

Yes, your subscription can be upgraded or downgraded, but at present we require you to contact us.

What is the cancellation deadline?

For Business plans: you can cancel your subscription at least 30 days before the renewal date.
For the Personal plan: you must cancel your subscription no later than 1 day before the renewal date. Partially unused subscription periods cannot be refunded. Nevertheless, the service will be working until the end of the subscription period.
For more details please refer to our Terms of Service.

Which payment methods are accepted?

At present we only accept payments by PayPal or bank transfer for Starter, Professional and Enterprise plans. Subscribers of the Personal plan can only pay online by credit card.