Great products speaks by themself

Great products speaks by themself

The Internet of Things

The adjective smart is widely used nowadays. The Net allows certain objects to each have an IP address; they have become independent from a PC to to connect to the Net as they have their own intelligence, integrating a processor and programmes, allowing them to become interactive. The Internet of things along with Smart Cities are spoken about, where the so-called touchpoints - contact points with the user (consumers, tourists, citizens) - from passive become intelligent and interactive.
The smartphone is becoming increasingly popular in allowing man to interact, being used as a remote control and an instrument through the use of dedicated apps. It is predicted that there will be one billion smatphone all over the world by 2016.

The meeting of the physical and virtual worlds

But what can we do with all those objects which cannot be equipped with electrical power, net connection and microprocessors? Technologies such as QR codes (and also RFID and NFD) allow us to extend the concept of “internet of things” to these objects too.
Applied to a physical object, the QR code becomes a mediator towards an alias of thet object, which comes to life, instead of that object itself, representing it and allowing interaction through the smartphone.
In this scenario, intelligence rather than residing in the object, it resides in the same network, or in an application, or more simply, in a webpage or a micro-site and the interaction takes place with this virtual representation of the physical object. The audio, therefore, becomes an element of the interaction. An element which, nevertheless, in a mobile context, is of primary relevance considering the small size of the screen and the fact that these tools are natively audio devices.
A new world of opportunity openes up, at reasonable prices and with a greater flexibility compared to any other media (pre-recorded audio or video).

Every object comes to life and tells a story

How many times have you found yourself thinking about how to condense the amount of information that you would like to communicate about your product, to make it fit in a small space on a box or an information label? Due to scarce space, a lot of information is omitted but for the consumers it could be interesting to be able to access this, for example, when they are in the shop in the buying phase. Or even at the moment they come into contact with your product; think, for example, how much a bottle of wine could tell guests, at the table of a restaurant, about which region it has come from, about the best accompaniments and how this could enhance brand image.

Creating memorable experiences

Technology is good only when it helps to improve something. Our ambition is to improve marketing by creatively choosing and integrating diverse technologies, and to improve the way in which we interact with what companies produce.
Add intelligence to your products to bring customer experience to a higher level, engaging your public in memorable experiences and giving them the incentive to interact with your company! You tell us what you know best: your values and customer knowledge and we provide you with an extra tool to make a difference and  we take care of the technology. And, should you wish so, all the necessary advice and skills to create optimized landing pages.

Imagination is the only limit!