Text To Speech Frequently Asked Question

At present, we offer the following languages: Arabic, Basque, Catalan, Chinese, Dutch, French, Galician, German, Greek, English UK, English US, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Valencian. If your language is not listed here, please contact us.

For some of these languages, we offer both female and male voices. An exhaustive list can be viewed in the Demo page.

Subscribers of all plans can change the selected voice. However, only subscribers of the Professional or Enterprise plans are allowed to change the language. For both kinds of requests, we kindly ask you to contact us.

For the Personal plan, activation occurs immediately after subscription. For all other plans (Starter, Professional, Enterprise) activation will follow within 24 hours.

Our service is not able to translate. Each sentence is read according to the pronunciation rules of the selected language. However, if you need any translations, feel free to contact us

No, since the audio is generated automatically each time the text is processed.

Our service was optimized for the audio conversion of web pages. However, as long as the file is accessible by means of its URL, the service can also convert Word and PDF files. 

You do not have to send us any file, since the audio conversion occurs automatically.

You may integrate the tool into a corporate blog or forum if you subscribe to any of the offered Business plans (Starter, Professional or Enterprise).

The update occurs in real-time: the first user who uses the tool, will therefore be able to listen to the updated content.

It is technically feasible. However, it would be against the Terms of Service, which we invite you to adhere to. 

No, unless the code is directly embedded within one of the frames.

Direct customization (white labeling) is only possible for subscribers of the Enterprise plan. 

Our service does indeed improve a website's accessibility, as it allows users with visual impairments (like dyslexia or presbyopia) to benefit from your website, as well as all other users who prefer to "listen" to web content, instead of reading it.