For personal use

Give Voice To Your Thoughts

Turn readers into listeners with Tingwo text to speech service

For personal use

Expand your audience reach

Show that you care for people with visual impairements, or thoose who simply prefer listening, adding Text to Speech conversion to your blog.

This way you can increase your audience. Everyone may benefit from the innovative add-on: it is a proven fact, for example, that listening while reading increase retention.

You can choose from our highest quality voices, which come in 18 languages and 26 personalities, to offer your readers the best listening experience.

Facilitate your followers

Make your blog really mobile friendly adding Text to Speech conversion: listening is easier while on the move or busy with other tasks, makes driving safer and helps to make better usage of time.

Even if the other task allows reading, this is not the best experience on a small smartphone screen. All in all, mobile phones are audio devices.

Moreover, multitasking will allow your visitors to click on you ads while still listening to what you have to say.

Proof read your content

We know, it happens to all of us: despite proof reading our posts it somethimes happens that a spelling mistake gets undetected.

Text to Speech helps proof reading your content listening to it, enormously enhancing the chance of spotting that small, but embarassing typing errors.

And it is much more comfortable to just sit back, relax and listen to what you have just written.