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WebVoice - Give voice to your website

Giving voice to your website is really easy with WebVoice, the service that generates the audio version of your web content, improving its accessibility, making it more friendly for an even larger audience, showing your care to people who may have difficulty in reading, or who simply prefer listening.

And with mobile browsing overtaking desktop browsing, offering an audio version of your content is definitely a plus.

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For business and Public Administration

Great products speaks by themself

Amaze your customers, giving voice to your products!

Creating a direct communication channel with the final user, you can offer an easy access to more information on your products, their history and the one of the people that make them and on the production territories, or on whatever may come to you your mind.

All in a variety of languages and voices, managing the source content directly from the web with ease. Your brand will get reinforced and you will be be able to collect informations on your customers to get to know them better, as well as to offer them promotions and personalized and geo-referenced offers.

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Expand the limits of your advertising message

We offer you an easy, simple and expandable solution to make better use of the advertising channels, without stealing space to your products' images, your brands and pay-off.

Devlopping, in house or with our support, engaging landing pages, you can encrease persistence on your brand and collect informations on the "clicker" of your campaign to add them to your CRM and to precisely measure your ROI.

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Every smatphone is an audioguide

Combining text to speech technologies with QR codes, Tingwo offers you a solution to tranform any smartphone in an audio guide.
Visitors can move around listening the description of artworks, as well as the history of palces and buildings on relevance in your city.
You can also create a moment of engagement and integrate the audio into new or existing more complex applications so to make informations more accessible also for who may have difficulty in reading, allowing any visitor to appreciate your culturale heritage through a multimedial and multisensorial experience.

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